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Draymond Green reveals backstory to Christmas Day shoes trolling LeBron James

OAKLAND–Christmas Day. National TV audience. Draymond Green.

The three ingredients you need for a compelling story are sitting in front of you, and at some point, you know that all of those factors will mix together for a fantastic ending.

This year, Green didn’t disappoint. With a holiday showdown against the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James on tap, Green broke out a pair of fresh new kicks that were clearly designed to troll James.

Earlier this season, James posted a photo of the popular Arthur meme with the caption “Mood,” to depict his frustration with Cleveland’s early-season struggles. A day after James posted his “Mood” meme, Green followed with a picture of himself celebrating, using the same “Mood” caption, as the Warriors were in the midst of a good run.

Several Cavaliers’ players including Dwayne Wade and Isaiah Thomas took to Instagram after a November win over the Knicks and created their own “Mood” posts, creating a rather humorous tie to the character from an old children’s television show.


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Green’s Christmas Day shoes highlighting Arthur standing next to a Christmas tree upped the ante on the joke, and after the game, Green was asked to tell the story behind the making of his new footwear.

“You want my honest answer or you want me to lie to you?,” Green asked a reporter.

After the reporter responded with, “I just want you to be Draymond,” the Warriors’ forward finally did divulge the details.

“My guy, Jacquail, he brought me the shoes and was like, hey this guy made these for you for Christmas,” Green said. “Wear them tomorrow. I was getting a haircut, I was sleepy. If you go look at his Instagram, I fell asleep while I was getting a haircut. I was like, ‘Ah, I might wear them.’ Then I woke up today and I was in a better mood and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to wear those.’ So I wore them. So I had no input on them honestly. I wish I could have took credit for them but I’d be lying to you.”

Following his breakdown of how he acquired the shoes and the decision he made to wear them, Green joked that he didn’t realize Arthur was painted on his shoe to troll James.

“What’s crazy, I didn’t even think about that, that’s why they got made,” Green said. “To troll LeBron. I didn’t even think about that but dang that was good. I’m about that.”


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