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Steve Kerr has hilarious exchange with kid reporter, actual reporter

OAKLAND–Merry Christmas, folks.

If you’re short on some holiday cheer, a hilarious interaction that took place in the Warriors’ media room on Monday morning is as good for your spirit as as a warm peppermint latte and a visit from Santa Claus.

After Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr offered up his appreciation for all the employees at Oracle Arena who sacrificed time with their families to come work on Christmas Day, his press conference opened with an exchange to a kid reporter who asked the day’s first question.

Here’s how it all unfolded.

Raymond Ridder: “We’ll start with our new junior Warriors’ reporter, Max, fire away.”

Steve Kerr: “Finally a good question.”

Kid reporter: “Well, merry Christmas, but what’s more fun for you, winning an NBA Championship as a player with the Bulls or winning an NBA Championship as a coach with the Warriors.”

Kerr: “Like I said, good question.”

Veteran reporter: “I asked that question before, coach.”

Kerr: “No you didn’t. You did, but you stumbled on it.”

Nothing says “Happy Holidays,” like getting dunked on by an industry veteran, and by not doing his homework and researching better questions beforehand, this kid posing as a reporter probably sabotaged any future he has of a career in journalism. We hope the sarcasm is popping off of your screen.

If you were curious how Kerr actually responded once the laughter died down, the Warriors’ fourth-year head coach admitted that winning a championship probably meant more to him as a coach.

“It’s a hard question to ask because the whole goal as a player and a coach is to win the whole thing and it’s such a feeling of euphoria,” Kerr said. “In some ways, it was more fun as a coach because as a coach, you feel responsible for all of your players and people in the organization. As a player, you kind of feel responsible for yourself, you’re locked in on what can do for yourself. As a coach, even though you don’t play, shoot the ball or rebound, you feel like you’re trying to help everybody. So as a coach, when you win the championship, you just look at the whole room. You look at the fans, you look at all of your players, the organization. You see the joy on people’s faces. Maybe that’s even a greater sense of satisfaction.”


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