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Steven Duggar gives scouting report of his own game

As the San Francisco Giants continue to search for solutions in the outfield, one name that keeps popping up is Steven Duggar.

The 24-year-old outfield prospect has already been singled out by the Giants’ front office as the potential center fielder of the future.

Despite the high praise, Duggar saw his chance at immediate playing time in 2018 diminished when the Giants signed veteran outfielders Austin Jackson and Gregor Blanco, both of whom are capable of playing center field.

Duggar joined the Marty Lurie Podcast Saturday from Spring Training in Arizona, and discussed where he thinks he needs to improve his game to increase his chance of regular playing time at the major league level.

“A lot of areas to improve all around,” Duggar said. “I just don’t think that you can ever be satisfied. I just always try to improve every day. There’s guys behind you that are getting better just as well as the guys ahead of you or whatever the case may be. It’s just hard work and preparation, and understanding what you got to go about your business. I mean, it’s important.”

He also offered a scouting report of himself on both sides of the ball.

“Offensive side of the game, (I’m) more of like a line drive guy,” Duggar said. “I mean, I’ll get into one every now and then for sure. Try to put it in the gaps and run for days. Defensive side of the ball, I just try to go get it. I try to help out our pitchers, play the best defense I can, always communicating with the outfielders.”

Finally, he detailed his close relationships with other Giants top prospects, including fellow outfielder Chris Shaw and pitcher Andrew Suarez.

“A lot of those guys have become really close friends of mine as well. I mean, Shaw and I have come up through the system together, and we’ve kind of been right there. And Suarez, the same deal. We’re all roommates, actually. So it’s been a fun journey, it’s been exciting to be alongside these guys, and hopefully we can just come in and do our part and just help out and try to be prepared, the most prepared (that) we can be, and just go out and play ball.”

Listen to the interview below. For Duggar on himself and his relationships with his fellow prospects, skip to the 5:00 mark.


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