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Bochy calls Pence’s future with Giants ‘a big elephant’ in the room



SAN FRANCISCO — Before Tuesday night’s game, Bruce Bochy was hit with a tough question: what should he do with Hunter Pence?

After acquiring Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pence has already made a move to left field. But with his recovery nearing its end, it’s not clear what Bochy will do with his players.

When asked who will play left field, Pence or Mac Williamson, the so-called ‘elephant in the room,’ Bochy responded.

“That’s a big elephant,” Bochy said after a long pause. “We’ll cross that bridge when Hunter is ready and we think he’s ready.”

Despite not having the answer yet, Bochy seemed optimistic that he can work both players into the rotation — an ideal situation as the Giants approach a double-header against the Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday.

“They always tell you it’s a good problem, so hopefully we have a good problem here,” said Bochy. “We have four or five guys in the outfield playing well. I’ve always said it’s workable to get them all involved and keep them all fresh.”

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