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Draymond comments on reporter allegedly stealing jacket from Warriors security

On Monday, Steve Berman of The Athletic reported that ABC7/KGO-TV reporter Mike Shumann is apparently in hot water with the Golden State Warriors, after being accused by the team of stealing a jacket from Ralph Walker, the director of team security, and Curry’s personal bodyguard.

On Tuesday, video of the incident surfaced.

According to the report, Warriors assistant coach Jarron Collins also took a video of Shumann taking the jacket as he left the AT&T Center in San Antonio following a Warriors practice last week. Shumann was sent home from San Antonio after the incident, with ABC7 telling The Athletic:

“We are taking these allegations very seriously and conducting a full investigation. As a matter of policy, we do not comment about personnel matters.”

After Wednesday’s 99-91 series clinching victory over San Antonio, Draymond Green made the first public comments about the incident from a member of the Warriors organization.

“I think we’ve got great security staff in Ralph, Tony, and Jeff, that did their stuff, and found out what happened, and found where the jacket was at,” Green said. “Obviously it’s unfortunate. When it boils down to it, it’s a jacket. But I think it’s more so the principal. You’re in your own space and you want to return your jacket, and all of us do, and so I think it’s more so the principle than the actual thing.

“Like, you know, if I got a dollar sitting here, it’s a dollar, but it’s my dollar. I wouldn’t expect nobody to take it. That’s an unfortunate situation. We got a great front office and great media PR staff that will figure it all out.”

Some members of the Warriors apparently feel there is a double-standard at play regarding the incident, and that if a media member of color had been involved, the situation would’ve been handled differently.

Via Berman:

According to multiple sources who cover the team, several prominent players have voiced these concerns and are indicating that they will not brush this incident aside.

Shumann is a former 49ers wide receiver, and was a part of the 1981 Super Bowl winning team.


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