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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Cellarmaker Party Drank



Party Drank not ‘purple drank’, as Tom makes clear, is Cellarmaker’s latest hit.

Cellarmaker, located in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, is one of Tom’s all time favorite breweries so it follows they make a fun and delicious beer like Party Drank.

Packed with Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra hops this 8.9% juicy Double IPA has the ability to sneak up on you. The can is as cool as the name rocking tiny solo cups on the can in which to drank your Party Drank. Too bad they couldn’t sell it in actual solo cups.

“Thats go-o-od!” said Tolbert. That’s good with three o’s.

From Cellarmaker:

“Everybody loves a party & nothing makes a party better than some dope drank! Everyday can be a celebration with a super juicy double IPA. Over the top hopping with Mosaic, Galaxy & Citra plus fermentation with a blend of expressive yeasts creates a beer redolent of Mai Tais & spiked fruit juice!”

While Party Drank is a great name Tom still likes the name “Sizz-urp! Sizz-urp!” better, though he doesn’t touch the stuff himself.


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