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Chris Mullin on Steph’s parade hat: ‘That was awesome’

Stephen Curry showed respect to a bygone era of Warriors basketball during the parade on Tuesday, rocking a “Run TMC” hat, a nod to the early 90s Golden State squad featuring Hall of Famers Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and Mitch Richmond.

Mullin joined Tolbert & Lund shortly after the parade and called the gesture “awesome.”

“Dude that was awesome,” Mullin said. “Someone just texted me that a little bit ago and I was like ‘I’ve got to thank Steph man.’ I actually shot it out to Mitch and Tim and they got right back like ‘Oh man that’s awesome, Steph giving us a little respect.’ So thanks to Steph and maybe I’ll see him at Round Hill (Country Club) in a few weeks.

“Thank you Steph Curry.”

The trio, coached by Don Nelson, only played together from 1989-1991, but had a profound impact on the Bay Area sports scene at that time. Mullin explained why.

“I thought it was longer myself,” Mullin said. “I think at the Hall of Fame induction when I was with Mitch that’s when I first thought wow we only played three years together, wow. I think it’s a combination of style of play — we played the way they do now just not as good — and then at that point a starved Bay Area. We had a nice little run, there had been such a drought, that they appreciated it.”

Mullin closed by praising this Warriors group, and head coach Steve Kerr in particular.

“Cherish it man,” Mullin said of this current Warriors dynasty. “I know the fans do because they’ve been through so much, but this is truly a dynasty. Incredible collection of talent, but I’ll tell you what Tom, and you know better than I do, Steve Kerr, I think his personality, his humility, the way he deflects attention from himself, really had a huge impact. To get back there four years in a row it’s just really incredible.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Mullin on Steph, start from the beginning.


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