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George Kittle says one 49ers position group takes the Fortnite crown

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With the start of the NFL season just around the corner the competition between 49ers players isn’t only taking place just on the field, but off the field as well.

Fortnite, a video game that has blown up in the past year, has become a popular choice among a number of the young players around the team. 49ers second year tight end George Kittle joined the Murph & Mac show to fill them in on the on going fortnight competition between him, Jimmy Garoppolo, and other 49ers players.

“Are you in his [Garoppolo] Fortnite crew?” Murph asked.

“No, he is in mine.” Kittle responded.

“So who is the better Fortnight player?” Murph asked.

“There is no question about that, it’s me.” Kittle said. “I will not be humble about that.”

While minor trash talk between the players may not show growth on the surface, it actually provides a lot of light on how the team chemistry is coming together.

Since the 49ers hired John Lynch in 2016, they have changed 39 of 52 players on the roster. On top of that, the average age of a player on the 49ers roster is about 25 years old. With a lot of new and young faces around the locker room, it is important that team chemistry is formed early if they want to succeed going forward.

Perhaps Fortnite will help bring the entire 49ers locker room even closer. After all, George Kittle stays up to date on whose his biggest competition when it comes to the game.

“Are you number one on that depth chart like there is not a guy in that locker room?” Murph asked.

“There are a couple of guys that are really good,” Kittle said. ” Our other tight end Cole Wick, he is really good. But that is just cause he plays the most.”

“While you are off studying the play book.” Murph laughed.

Listen below to here to full interview with George Kittle. To hear Kittle’s take on Fortnite in the locker room, start at the 6:45 mark:


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