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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Alpha Acid Brewing Company May the Haze Be With You

Yes, it’s that time, time for Tolbert’s Beer Review.

For this beer review we’ve switched it up and we’re sitting on a couch. Yes that’s right, a couch! This creates maximum accessibility to the can with minimal drag.
Today Tom is reviewing Alpha Acid Brewing Company’s Star Wars themed hazy Northeastern style IPA: May the Haze Be With You.
This geeky reference is no surprise from a company who’s logo is a direct homage to Breaking Bad. Tom claims to not be a Star Wars guy but sure gives it a shot. We’ll help you out on this one Tommy, it’s supposed to be Yoda. The company often names things in reference to shows in pop culture such as “The Big Dank Theory” IPA (The Big Bang Theory) and “Blacker Than the Blackest Black Times Infinity” a reference to the show Metalocalypse. We’re gonna guess those references elude Tom as well.
However, Tom does know you noticed the Olympia Beer shirt he’s wearing while reviewing craft beer, that doesn’t mean he drinks the stuff.
“I don’t care what you drink if that’s what you like you should drink it. My tongue is not in your mouth…that came out really weird by the way, that’s not what I meant,” Tom said. “What I meant is my taste buds aren’t your tastebuds.”
Tom insists there’s no shame in liking an Olympia or a Bud since he says many of the brewers he knows don’t even drink craft beer. Plus, it is a pretty cool shirt, can’t deny that.
If you liked this review, check out the entire series at And if you’re down in San Jose, go visit our friends at South Winchester and mention Tolbert’s Beer Reviews to receive a free pork slider with purchase of a beer.


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