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Raiders gave JaMarcus Russell blank tapes to see if he watched film [report]



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Here’s a funny one via former offensive lineman David Diehl.

Diehl, now an analyst for CBS and Fox, told a hilarious story about former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell last weekend, when he joined New York radio station WFAN. According to Diehl, the Raiders suspected Russell hadn’t been studying game film, so they sent him home with blank tapes. When he returned and was asked about what he’d seen on the tapes, he said he watched blitz packages, which couldn’t have been the case.

The Raiders drafted Russell first overall in 2007, and the quarterback was out of the league by 2010, going down as one of the all-time busts in NFL history. Russell’s career was littered with stories regarding his lack of discipline, with Diehl’s account being yet another example.