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Fitz: Clemson’s National Championship upset dispelled two widely held myths in college football

© Kirby Lee | 2019 Jan 7

A “myth” is a widely held but false belief or idea.

At Levi’s Stadium on Monday Night, several very inconvenient facts continued to dispel some of the widely held falsehoods in college football.

1. Alabama and Nick Saban are invincible

Well, Alabama is very good and has been for a while. But they play three scrimmages and only nine real games during their 12 game regular season on a yearly basis. They never play a non-conference road game, making sure a “neutral site” is the only scheduling adversity possible. They play seven home games, four road games and one neutral site game. (Next year its Duke, Southern Miss, New Mexico State and Div II Western Carolina).

They are the Floyd Mayweather of scheduling in college football. This schedule allows for dominant regular seasons, fewer injuries and developing depth. But when they see the very best, something very interesting happens. Just check out the last six season ending games for Alabama and Nick Saban.

2013 45-31 LOSS to Oklahoma
2014 42-35 LOSS to Ohio State
2015 45-40 WIN over Clemson
2016 35-31 LOSS to Clemson
2017 26-23 OT WIN over Georgia
2018 44-16 LOSS to Clemson

That’s a 2-4 record and allowing an average of 38 points a game. Invincible? Dominant defense? Ummmmm, ok.

2. The SEC is THE most dominant and best conference

Now, the SEC produces an awful lot of NFL talent on a yearly basis. But much of the conference patsy scheduling is playing follow-the-leader imitating Alabama. Play your eight conference games, don’t travel, and play multiple body bag games. Have everyone say you are great.

But in the post season, you have to play other conferences. You have to travel. And for the so-called “best”conference, the past three years has produced some very odd post-season records.

2019 SEC post season 6-6
2018 SEC post season 5-6
2017 SEC post season 6-7

If you’re counting, that’s a total record of 17-19 over the past three seasons. Not sure the “best” in anything has a losing record.

Also, this post season, SEC teams were favored in 10 of the 12 bowl games. Six favorites lost outright. Alabama didn’t cover vs. Oklahoma. Three favorites covered and two dogs won outright.

Alabama 5.5 point favorite- LOST outright
Georgia 13.5 point favorite- LOST outright
Missouri 10 point favorite- LOST outright
Miss State 7 point favorite, LOST outright
Vanderbilt 4.5 point favorite– LOST outright
South Carolina 3.5 point favorite- LOST outright
Alabama 14 point favorite- WON, did not cover
Texas A&M 7.5 point favorite, WON and covered
LSU 7 point favorite- WON and covered
Auburn 3.5 point favorite- WON and covered
Florida 4 point underdog- WON and covered
Kentucky 4.5 point underdog- WON and covered

Be sure to keep this and share with every SEC apologist. With ESPN in a business relationship with the conference, you will never see the above actual results mentioned on the airwaves I think any analyst mentioning actual results gets electro shocked back to the party line.

Santa Claus is a myth too. Clemson just gave a lot of guys in red suits a lump of coal to finish off the holidays.


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