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Cueto posts security video to defend brother arrested for assaulting, not paying sex workers

You read that headline correctly. In what is one of the weirdest and most disturbing stories in recent memory, Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto had his home in the Dominican Republic raided by police on January 18 in an investigation regarding his brother, Danilo Cueto Ortiz, who was arrested for allegedly not paying and sexually assaulting sex workers.

According to a report by Diario DigitalRD, a Dominican newspaper, Cueto Ortiz, 36, and an additional two men, Rendy Mota Williams, 30, and Domingo Rivera Ortiz, 20, were arrested following the report by two women, one 28, and another, 27, who said they were sexually assaulted and not paid for their work. Cueto Ortiz had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, according to the report, for shooting a man named Amauris Porquin, in April of 2018.

According to the report, the women stated that there was no agreement made for their payment when they arrived at the house, at which point the men at the house tried to force them to have sex. The women stated that five men hit them and tried to rape them. Eventually, they escaped in the early morning. According to Diario DigitalRD, the medical report revealed lacerations and bruising on the women’s bodies.

According to CDN, another Dominican news outlet which posted the story January 30, Cueto Ortiz has been sentenced to three months of “preventative detention” in Santa Cruz de El Seibo prison. The details of the raid are no less surprising. According to both CDN and Diario DigitalRD, police discovered a nine-millimeter pistol with proper registration, a magazine, 12 bullets, as well as a bulletproof vest with a police insignia and and a shotgun.

That brings us to today, when Cueto posted a very weird security video, which shows his brother walking into what appears to be Cueto’s home with one of the women. It does not seem to disprove anything outlined by the women, only that Cueto’s brother and one of the women at one point entered the house safely.

Cueto wrote in the Instagram post:

“That is the reality of what happened on my farm, in this video shows that the young women were of their own free will and not kidnapped as the prosecution claims the images speak more than a thousand words judge yourself.”

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