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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Humble Sea Brewing The Friend Ship Double Foggy IPA

This week Tom is referring to Tom is the third person, ponders if dogs can drink beer, and of course drinks beer himself.

From the Sack-o-Beer Tom pulls out The Friend Ship Double Foggy IPA by Humble Sea Brewing in Santa, Cruz California.

While Tom isn’t an expert on hops and flavor profiles he does know a good beer when he sips one.

“Oh that’s different! I don’t know if it’s the Belma hop in there but I like it,” Tom said. “You’re like, ‘what does it taste like?’ I don’t know! I told you I don’t know those things.”

We’ll leave it up to the pros.

From Humble Sea Brewing:

2 huge hop charges of Belma, Citra & El Dorado pack this beer with notes of Mandarin orange juice, ripe kiwi, pineapple fruit cocktail and subtle hints of spiced mint and basil. The mouthfeel is big and chewy with all kinds of fawg!

Tom enjoyed this beer so much he’s considering giving some to everyone from his friends to his dog.

“Come to think of it I don’t give my dog beer, but I probably should. She’s hyper, a little Boston Terrier, Lou Lou. Jumps about three feet in the air and sensitive as all get out to any stimulation,” Tom said.

While Tom is joking, alcohol, and especially hops, are extremely toxic to dogs. Though that hasn’t stopped people from making dog-friendly beer. A range of non-alcoholic and non-hop beers are available for your canine friends if you do choose to share a cold one with your pooch.

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