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Official Smash Mouth account claims to have insider info on Giants’ interest in Bryce Harper



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The longer this Bryce Harper pursuit drags on, the more restless fans have become. Fans and late-90’s rock band Smash Mouth of course. The band has Bay Area ties and was formed in San Jose in 1994. They apparently have more than just ties to Bay Area teams, they have “sources”. Sources that are telling them there is a discord in the Giants front office.

Smash Mouth trying to break Giants news? Yep, what a concept.

While the band known by many for being featured on the Shrek soundtrack, claim to have sources feeding them insider information on the Giants pursuit of Bryce Harper, it’s clear that this “report” should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Baggarly went on to break down what he believes is really going on behind the scenes.

We appreciate Smash Mouth for passing along what they “hear” to the rest of the Bay Area. As we await Harper’s decision which likely won’t favor the Giants, this sort of thing is appreciated during a stressful time of Giants baseball. So thank you Smash Mouth, we’re all big fans of what you’ve done and to show our appreciation, we wrote you a song.

“Hey now, you’re an insider

Got the scoops, and…the takes

Hey now, you’re a news breaker

Gonna tweet, while…we wait

Not all that you hear, has us sold

Only real insiders…

Can be so bolddd”