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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Cellarmaker Alien Lifeform IPA

This week Tom makes drunk dolphin noises, gets far out in outer space, and of course we also brought the beer!

Tom reminisces over his old college haunt, The Green Dolphin, where him and his buddies would play a game called “Drink a Pitcher of Beer in 15 Minutes, Repeat, and the Last Team Standing Wins.”

What a game.

Unfortunately for Tom we’re pretty certain he wasn’t chugging the delicious Cellarmaker Alien Lifeform IPA, this week’s beer, and it boy does it have Tom thinking.

“I wonder what’s out there. I wonder where it ends?” Tom asks. “Where does it end? Does it just like, stop? Like there’s cellophane wrapper on the outside of the universe?”

These are the questions that keep Tom up at night. Along with Alien life, which Tom thinks that those who aren’t believers are arrogant jerks.

“If you think we’re the only creatures in the universe you have to be kidding. How arrogant can you be to say, ‘yea we’re the only ones.’ You realize how big this place is!?” Tom exclaimed.

From Cellarmaker Brewing:

This IPA is totally out of this world! Hiding inside your glass is a massive amount of Galaxy & a cosmic dusting of Simcoe, Mosaic & Centennial. This exploration in flavor reminds us of a day trip to Melmac, a different world with a green sky, blue grass & a purple sun. This should quench your vast appetite for hop forward flavors… and beyond!

This 6.8% IPA rocks a medium hoppiness at 62 IBU though Tom says it’s fairly mellow and feels more like a “35, 40, 45.”

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