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Steph loses it after reporter asks him about his ‘eye disease’

A report in The Athletic on Wednesday revealed that Stephen Curry recently began wearing contact lenses to correct an astigmatism, and has been hitting shots at an insane clip ever since.

Since returning to the court after using contacts, Curry is 32 of 59 (54.2 percent) from three-point range. He has made at least five threes in all five of those games. He connected on 11 of 19 three-point attempts last week at Memphis.

On Thursday, a reporter who didn’t seem to understand exactly what was going on with Curry’s eyes asked him a question about it. Steph couldn’t contain himself.

“Steph can you kind of describe the condition that was kind of going on with your eye disease?” The reporter asked.

“It’s not a disease,” Curry said before cracking up.

“For 10 years I’ve been battling you know?” Curry said sarcastically. “It’s a tough situation everyday waking up.”

“What has been going on with your eyes?” The reporter followed up.

“I have blurry vision,” Curry said. “Like millions of people across the country. I love the assumption or the joke that I was technically blind before contacts. So that’s phenomenal.”

Supplementing Curry with better eyesight is like attaching springs to LeBron James’ legs. Curry’s greatest strength, arguably the greatest strength of any player in the NBA, could potentially improve even more — all because of a common change.

Look out, NBA.


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