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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Dudley Death Hop Noble Ale Works

This week Tom is at Oracle Park’s very own Public House. Though the bar and restaurant has it’s own inventory of noteworthy beers Tom decided to bring his own – do not try to bring your own beer to a bar.

This beer will leave you wanting your very own mouthful though it’s name may have already done that:

Dudley Death Hop Brut India Pale Lager.


From Noble Ale Works:

When our friends at Magnanimous Brewing, all the way way out in Florida, wanted to collab on a hoppy crusher of a beer and make it wrestling themed, how do you say no to that? The idea was a super hoppy IPL brewed in a brut IPA fashion that makes it go down like hop water. We used some of our favorite hops, Nelson Sauvin and Cashmere, and hammered the dry hop harder than a Dudley Boyz 3D through a table! TESTIFY!!!!

Tom is awarding this beer extra brownie points for not only having a wrestling theme, but an old school wrestling theme.

“The Dudley Boys? Are you kidding me? They went Dudley Boys on the can?” Tom said. “If I had time, which I don’t, I’d drink it all like Stone Cold. I would just guzzle it and smash the can against my head and I would do that for you the viewer, but not in public.”

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