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Dodgers fan has two foul balls hit at him, drops full plate of food both times

SAN FRANCISCO – It’s May 1. The year is 2019. And folks, I believe we already have our number one San Francisco Giants highlight of the season.

Over the last couple nights there has been an invasion of Dodgers fans at Oracle Park. Early in the contest Wednesday night one of those fans – sitting in the club level behind home plate – had a rare chance at a foul ball.

Fortunately for him, he came up with the ball. Unfortunately for the people around him, he spilled his full plate of fries all over the seats in front of him.

That was funny enough for us. We would have posted the video of the story had stopped there.

But it didn’t. You know it didn’t. You read the headline.

A few minutes later, the very same fan had another foul ball hit directly at him. By then he had meandered back to the concourse to replace the food he had donated to the floor, this time opting for pizza.

Time is a flat circle, my friends.

Dodgers fan goes up for the ball again, and again he spills his plate of food into the seats in front of him. This time the seats were occupied by a different pair of Dodgers fans who don’t look to thrilled about the prospect of a slice of pizza all over their person.

No word on what food the guy got a third time around.


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