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Haynes: Some Warriors ‘aren’t buying’ Harden’s eye injury being serious

With all the theatrics and flopping that has taken place in this playoff series between the Warriors and Rockets, fans are justified in being suspicious of the validity of any injury or foul that is called on the court. Apparently, that mindset has also spread to the Warriors locker room.

According to a report by NBA insider Chris Haynes, some Warriors players apparently are downplaying how injured Rockets star James Harden’s eyes were over the course of the game. Harden, who suffered a poke to the eye midway through the first quarter of Tuesday night’s game, seemed to struggle with his vision on the court, as well as in the postgame press conference.

Haynes says the Warriors aren’t buying it.

“There are a few players in that (Warriors) locker room that aren’t buying that James Harden’s eye was extremely hurt,” Haynes said. “They were talking about some of the shots he was shooting during the game, then when he got to the free-throw line, he was squinting like he couldn’t see it.”

Haynes added that the Warriors aren’t going to let Harden’s eyes distract them from the ultimate goal.

“They’re not buying it,” Haynes said, “and they’re not going to take anything for granted. They’re going to go into Houston looking for the kill. But Houston has a great home court advantage, so this series is not over at it; it can turn that quickly. I can’t wait for Game 3 on Saturday.”

It’s worth noting that after Harden’s eye injury, he returned to the court and scored all of his 29 points. He went 0-3 before being poked in the eye.


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