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Draymond reacts to being elbowed by Harden on 3-pointer

Early in the third quarter of Monday night’s 112-108 Golden State Warriors loss to the Houston Rockets, Draymond Green took an elbow to the side of the head on the follow through of a 3-pointer from James Harden. Green went down to the ground for an extended period of time, but stayed in the game.

After the loss, Green addressed reporters and was asked about the incident, saying it was further proof that Harden initiates contact with defenders on 3-pointers.

“I told y’all before I get fouled on James Harden 3-pointers,” Green said. “Y’all thought I was lying. People think I just be making shit up.”

Fouls and the Rockets’ questioning of the referees were the scourge of the post-game 1 fallout, as it emerged, thanks to reporting from The Athletic’s Sam Amick, that the Rockets had prepared a never-sent memo to the NBA league offices tallying, what the team believed were refereeing mistakes that amounted to a stolen Western Conference Finals appearance last year.

The Rockets’ official Twitter account had fun with the incident tonight:

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