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Fitz explains why Steph can’t stay out of foul trouble this postseason

In the aftermath of the disappointing loss against the Houston Rockets, many basketball analysts are citing Stephen Curry’s unusually subpar performance as the reason for the team’s defeat. One of the main issues concerning Curry is the fact that he has been in foul trouble in essentially every game this playoffs.

With that in mind, Warriors play-by-play man Bob Fitzgerald appeared on Murph & Mac Monday morning to talk about Curry’s recent struggles, as well as why he’s seemingly in foul trouble so often. Fitzgerald thinks a reason for this is because the Rockets are playing the Warriors differently than any other team.

“In a regular game, the numbers show that they isolate Steph maybe 16 times a game,” Fitzgerald said. “The Rockets isolate him 60 times a game. To me it’s just a math issue. Nobody plays more iso-ball than the Rockets, and they target Steph on the switch… Houston would love to iso Steph Curry every single possession.

“That’s where the fouls end up coming out, and Steph this postseason has reached too many times… He’s not Iguodala. He gets whistled for that call, and he’s been in foul trouble every game this series.”

Fitzgerald does believe, however, that the media is overblowing Curry’s bad performance, and that maybe the two-time MVP should be cut a little slack.

“Steph has played in 99 playoff games, and he’s had three bad ones?” Fitzgerald asked jokingly. “He had a bad game… Those missed layups shocked me more than anything. He’s one of the great finishers I’ve ever seen with either hand. I just think he had one really bad game. I would think that great players rarely have really bad games back to back.

“It was a bad game for one of the most phenomenal players in history, and it ain’t gonna happen tonight.”

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