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Schulman on Zaidi: ‘I see him more in the clubhouse than I saw Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean’

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After Derek Holland teed off on the Giants’ front office, saying that he faked an injury and doesn’t know what the organization’s plan is, Farhan Zaidi took the criticism as an opportunity to suggest that he could improve himself.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry Schulman spoke to Gary and Larry about the situation and explained where Holland’s sentiment came from.

“He was speaking for some of the Giants,” Schulman said. “When you have a situation where there’s kind of a revolving door of people and management doesn’t hold a meet every day to explain what it’s doing, you and the other employees are going to be sitting around at times going, ‘What the heck is going on here?’ One day, you’ve got this veteran player like Gerardo Parra who’s going out there and giving it all from the clubhouse point of view and the next minute he’s hitting a grand slam for Washington.”

Despite the sentiment, Schulman said he was surprised by Holland’s reaction, regardless of the fact that he will make $7 million this season.

“It’s not the $7 million. If he was making the major league minimum, I would feel the same way,” Schulman said. “Even as a reporter, I was surprised that he said that. We didn’t goad him into saying that. You have to understand, Derek Holland is a very emotional person.”

After the incident, Zaidi, the Giants’ President of Baseball Operations, said that he might not be as available in person as he should be, and took ownership of the situation. However, Schulman said that Zaidi’s presence is much more clear in the clubhouse than Bobby Evans or Brian Sabean.

“He does show his face. He’s in the clubhouse,” Schulman said. “I see him more in the clubhouse than I saw Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean. They all have an office. The GM has an office in the clubhouse. They both have an open door policy, Bochy and Zaidi. But if you’re asking me the advice, I would say probably being a little bit more proactive just like you say; calling in team leaders like Posey and Bumgarner and kind of explaining… this is why we’re doing [moves]… I’m not so sure [Zaidi] won’t do that.”


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