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Giants reliever Will Smith scooters around SF talking life off the field

Giants closer Will Smith has a variety of hobbies. One of them, riding around on tricked-out scooters, he shared with morning show host Bonnie-Jill Laflin.

Smith says he’s a simple man, but after sitting down with him it seems there are many things this professional baseball player is passionate about off the field.

Scooters being the obvious one, as he broke down all the intricate features that his “La-Z-Boy on wheels” has to offer.

Although Smith’s Phat Scooter is the envy of the clubhouse, his real point of passion, the thing he really geeks out on is in fact the United States Navy SEALs. Smith admitted that he used to be a huge baseball nerd until he became one.

“I used to be a big fan of baseball players until I became one and realized they’re just normal dudes,” Smith said. “I needed something else to fangirl over basically. I landed on the Navy SEALs, I think everything they’re about is amazing.”

Smith underwent Tommy John surgery before the 2017 season and spent 13 months rehabbing before returning to the mound. During his rehab he admitted that some days felt it they would never end but the Navy SEALs gave him strength. He has  even spent his free time in Spring Training meeting his heros and has even undergone the SEAL for a Day training regiment where you can undergo pseudo-military training.

It might be safe to say he has achieved his goal of becoming a “fangirl.”

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