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Lou Seal had quite the burn for Justin Turner after being hit in face with ball

© Stan Szeto | 2018 Sep 12

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner made the mistake of going at Lou Seal on Sunday, and the Giants mascot was ready with a response.

Per Lou’s official Facebook account, the mascot says that Turner purposely bounced a ball off his face during the weekend series between the Giants and Dodgers. As we all know, Lou Seal does not speak, but he was still ready with a message for Turner and LA that he’d been hiding under his hat.

The message read: “How did those last 2 World Series work out for you?”

Here’s how Lou tells it.

“So yesterday Justin Turner thought it was funny to bounce a ball off my face…” Lou wrote on Facebook. “I then found it hilarious to let him read the message that was under my hat that was meant for another Dodgers fan that had been trying to give me a hard time. It’s all in good fun and part of the rivalry but he went from joking to melting me with laser eyes after. Sorry Justin, don’t come to a battle of wits if you’re unarmed.”

We expect Turner will think twice before coming at the legend that is Lou Seal ever again.


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