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Fitz on criticizing Warriors for KD injury: ‘Stop talking about crap you have no idea about”

© Kyle Terada | 2019 Jun 10

The Kevin Durant Achilles injury has been all the buzz in the sports world since Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Every sports talk show in America has had a take of their own as to whether or not Durant should have been on the court Monday night. Warriors play-by-play announcer Bob Fitzgerald joined the Murph & Mac Show on KNBR Wednesday morning to discuss all things surrounding Durant’s injury.

Fitzgerald had a couple colorful responses to all the criticism regarding KD.

“Stop talking about crap you have no idea about.” Fitzgerald said.

“If you think Bob Meyers, Joe Lacob, Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman, and all these doctors who are elite, and I’m talking elite, are like ‘Durant is really hurt let’s shove him out there after a month (of not playing).’ Shut up.”

Fitzgerald also didn’t understand the scrutiny that Bob Meyers has received due to his emotional press conference following the Warriors win Monday night.

“Bob Meyers really wasn’t upset. You don’t know Bob Meyers. You don’t know Bob and Kevin’s relationship. You don’t know everything they’ve gone through.

“You don’t know how sad he is for a personal friend, for watching something he (Durant) takes so much joy in being taken away by a cruel hand of fate. Oh, I don’t know if Bob was really upset, where those real tears? Those people are idiots.”

The Warriors announcer brought attention to how injuries are just part of sports, no matter how you cut it.

“Every player that plays basketball has a risk for some sort of injury. I mean I tore my Achilles playing basketball. I never had a single issue my whole life, and it tore, it ruptured. Same thing with DeMarcus Cousins, same thing with Dominique Wilkins, Rudy Gay. It happens. And it sucks that it does.”

Carrying on, Fitzgerald does believe it can be difficult to accurately criticize sports injuries in today’s world.

“The problem is when you get into medical stuff, teams can’t come fully out and give all the medical records and all the doctors and all the experts… nobody wants their medical information shared publicly, that is totally understandable.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Fitzgerald on Durant’s injury, start from the beginning.


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