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Joe Lacob says Warriors plan to retire Iguodala’s number



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Andre Iguodala is no longer a member of the Golden State Warriors, but now that the July 6 free agency moratorium has passed, trades and signings can and are becoming official. Part of the Warriors finalizing the trade of Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies means the team can now speak publicly about Iguodala and honor him.

The team’s CEO, Joe Lacob, did just that July 7, saying that he plans to retire Iguodala’s number at the Chase Center. According to the Warriors’ press release, Lacob said the following about Iguodala:

“During the summer of 2013, we went through an extensive free agency process in our efforts to sign Andre Iguodala. At that time, we envisioned him becoming a vital part of a young, up-and-coming team with championship aspirations. As we look back six years later, we actually underestimated what his value would be to our team, both on the court and in the locker room. In what has been well-documented, Andre sacrificed for the betterment of our team and, in one of the best stories of this journey, earned NBA Finals MVP honors in 2015. He has been absolutely vital to our success during five consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals and three championships. We thank Andre for all of his contributions and look forward to seeing his number in the rafters at Chase Center.”

The trade officially sends Iguodala, $2 million in cash considerations and a 2024 first-round pick (protected 1-4, if not conveyed, protected 1 in 2025, if not conveyed, unprotected in 2026) to the Grizzlies for two-way forward Julian Washburn and a $17.2 million trade exception, which the Warriors could effectively only use at the start of next summer, and which expires July 7.