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Fan spooks Stephen Curry, gets scored on by Curry at golf tournament

Fans, don’t do this. At the American Century Championship golf tournament, where Stephen Curry is a participant, Curry was getting some shots up on one of the tee boxes, with a hoop set up to the side. One fan decided to try and get an autograph from Curry while he was shooting, and while his back was turned. The result was not to her benefit.

Curry was spooked momentarily, as he turned around to see an overly confident fan standing inches in front of him, holding up a piece of clothing which she discernibly wanted Curry to sign. The fan must have assumed that she was charming enough to get Curry to simply stop what he was doing and sign the piece of clothing. Such was not the case.

This was a fan operating on another plane of reality from the other people there who didn’t blindside a two-time NBA MVP and three-time champion in the middle of his offseason. She failed, and Curry hit a fadeaway over her before she smugly trotted off the tee box.

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