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Rockies announcers scribble out scoreboard while getting blown out by Giants

The first-game of Monday’s double-header between the Rockies and Giants got out of hand fast. Colorado trailed 5-0 after the first inning. After three, they were down 12-0. After four, 13-0.

That’s about when Rockies television announcers Drew Goodman and Ryan Spilborghs got fed up.

“Move that scoreboard off,” Goodman told the producer as the second half of the fourth inning began, with Spilborghs adding “I like it,” in response.

But the scoreboard remained on the bottom right corner of the screen. That left Spilborghs no choice other than to take actions into his own hands.

Spilborghs: “I’ll scratch this thing out. There we go.”

Goodman: “Well done, Spilly.”

Spilborghs: “You know what’s funny? The producer’s going to be in my ear asking me to clear it.”

Goodman: “Don’t.”

Spilborghs: “I’m not. I have the power. I have control.”

Goodman: “You do, and do what I’m really good at; not listening.”

Spilborghs: “Cross it off even more, there we go.”

Goodman: “I wanted to participate, I got some frustration out there.”

Here’s what the graphic looked like after their handiwork was finished:

The announcers kept the scoreboard scribbled out into the fifth inning. Things only got worse from there for the Rockies. The Giants ended up winning 19-2, handing Colorado their worst loss of the 2019 season so far.

The Rockies won’t have to wait long to atone for the blowout. Game two of the double-header begins at 5:40 PT. As always you can listen to the game on KNBR 680 or streaming live on


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