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Stephen Jackson roasts Damon Jones for Steph Curry take

Stephen Jackson always keeps it real, and he’s had enough with the Stephen Curry slander.

Specifically with former Cavaliers bench player Damon Jones, who said on First Take earlier this month that Curry has more to prove this season than James Harden, despite the fact that the latter has never won an NBA title.

Last week, Jackson responded, saying essentially that if you weren’t a great basketball player, you shouldn’t be allowed to give NBA opinions on TV. He also roasted Ryan Hollins, although it should be noted that Hollins actually defended Curry when responding to Jones.

“First of all there should be a rule,” Jackson began on Instagram. “If you ain’t ever scored 20 points at all in your career for a season, or you ain’t averaged 10 for a career, you shouldn’t be talking about basketball on TV.

“Ryan Hollins and Damon Jones, c’mon. I don’t know what’s going on with that show. I’m first-team all-common sense and y’all need to come to some of my classes. There’s no way a guy with three championships and two MVPs, has more to prove than a guy with no championships. Steph is the first and only unanimous MVP winner, okay? Three championships, James don’t have none. So how can you sit here and say Steph has more to prove than James.

“That sounds like someone who wasn’t really good in basketball. Just facts.”

Jones averaged 6.6 points per game in 11 NBA seasons. Hollins averaged 3.7 points in 10 NBA seasons.


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