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Giants staying away from Sam Dyson, Melancon raises trade eyebrows

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Bochy had an explanation, even if it was not the most airtight.

After the Giants, in a 16-inning marathon, in a game crucial for their billowing playoff hopes before the trade deadline, with a sixth-straight win on the line, did not use two of their top relievers, it seemed a possible deal(s) was in the works.

Not necessarily, according to the manager.

“I was doing all I could to stay away from [Mark] Melancon, and [Sam] Dyson I was not going to use,” Bochy said after the thrilling 3-2 victory over the Mets on Thursday at Oracle Park. “We were going to start getting creative there.”

Melancon had pitched two straight days, albeit throwing five pitches Wednesday. Dyson had not pitched Wednesday but had pitched Monday and Tuesday. Both have been used plenty — Melancon in 39 games, Dyson in 44 — but in a key game in which call-up Williams Jerez was the final pitcher, it seems at least curious those two remained in the bullpen.

“They’ve been throwing a lot,” Bochy said. “Basically the usage, we keep track of that. It gets to a point where they’re off that day. You don’t want to risk hurting anybody.”

If the Giants had not won the game with Donovan Solano’s walkoff single, Bochy indicated they would have had to look at a starter entering, so determined he was not to use the pair.

“I had an idea [I wouldn’t pitch],” said Dyson, who added he felt fine physically. “Think they were just trying to stay away from me for the day.”


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