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Schulman: I am 100 percent in favor of going for it in Bochy’s last season

© Darren Yamashita | 2019 Jun 16

In extremely shocking fashion, the San Francisco Giants have been one of, if not the, hottest team in baseball as of late. The Giants have won 13 out of their last 15 games coming out of the All-Star break, are 26-15 since June 1st and sit only 2.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot. During this stretch, the Giants have been firing on all cylinders. The offense has been producing, the starting pitching has been fantastic and the bullpen has stuck to their MO of being elite.

Henry Schulman, the Giants beat writer for The San Francisco Chronicle, hopped on the Murph & Mac show Friday morning to discuss the tough decisions the Giants have heading their way.

For a team that has been deemed “sellers” since the beginning of April, they sure have made a compelling argument for Farhan Zaidi to remain pat and let this team make a run in Bruce Bochy’s last season. Schulman shared some of his feelings on what he thinks the club should do.

“I think Farhan said it on your show, these opportunities (to contend) don’t come by every day. I am 100 percent in favor of that, especially in Bochy’s last year, let’s be honest.” Schulman said.

Schulman was asked if he believes the Giants could still trade some of their assets in the bullpen — Will Smith being the biggest name thrown around — and continue to make a run for the wild card.

“Absolutely. You know, more and more I start to think that maybe it’s more a guy like Dyson or Moronta who has team control they might be looking to move, who could help out a bullpen and because they have team control the Giants could get better prospects back…I just think with the three of them – Smith, Watson and Dyson – I don’t know if you can trade more than one of those guys and still make a run for it. They are just so valuable at the end of the games.”

Schulman continued on the decision that faces the front office in the upcoming weeks.

“This is going to be a tough call, we got a couple weeks left, about 11 games, if they suddenly go like 5-6 or 6-5 even, which is just normal for an 11-game stretch then you have to make that call. They keep playing like this I don’t think it’s a tough call, I think you keep them together and make a run for it.”

This has often been labeled a “rebuild” season for the Giants. There is a conversation to be had that not selling valuable assets could delay that process. Schulman addressed that topic, but he says good luck convincing the Giants locker room that.

“Given the Giants success in winning Wild Card games on the road. There is a fair argument to be made if you don’t sell, you’ll be delaying the rebuild process for a crapshoot single game. Well, that’s hard to tell Bumgarner and the Giants because Bumgarner has pitched two complete game shutouts in Wild Card games and he’s looking every bit the pitcher who can do that.”

Although people have been hammering for the team to start looking to the future, Schulman thinks the franchise is in good hands with Farhan.

“I wouldn’t discount Farhan’s ability to find enough of these guys like Dickerson or Pillar to make a run for it (in 2020).”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Schulman on the trade deadline, start from 6:45.


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