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Bonnie-Jill hosts first-time baseball game for international travelers

If you’ve never been to a baseball game before, Oracle Park is definitely not a bad first outing.

Renowned for it’s breathtaking views, crab sandwiches, and a placid cove full of home-run hunters in kayaks, Oracle Park has something for everyone, from diehard fans to first timers.

Bonnie-Jill had the pleasure of hosting Paula and Julia from Argentina, first time baseball goers in this case, as part of a revolutionary new program the Giants have established this season called SportsHosts.

This program takes people who have never attended certain sporting events and attempts to turn them into lifelong fans. The program links visitors with locals so that they can share their everyday experience. Veteran stadium goers show guests all the ins and outs, all the nooks and secret crannies.

In our case, KNBR morning show cohost Bonnie-Jill Lafin, got to show our Argentinian guests how a KNBR personality experiences the familial love the San Francisco Giants shares with it’s flagship station. From meeting players on the field before the game, to beers at the very exclusive Gotham Club, to rooting from the KNBR suite, the experience was one for the ages.

To find out how you can share your passion for the Giants whilst going in the running to win a trip to Boston to see the Giants play the Red Sox in September, visit this link.


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