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Kyle Shanahan breaks down his go-to plays to beat the challenge flag on KNBR



Daniel Ogden/KNBR

SANTA CLARA – There are few eventualities for which 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is unprepared. The third-year head coach joined Tom Tolbert, Larry Krueger and Rod Brooks on KNBR 680 following 49ers practice on Saturday and along with other topics, like his new rookie wide receivers and the readiness of Jimmy Garoppolo for the season, Shanahan was asked by Tolbert whether he had a plan for when he needs to get a play off in order to avoid a challenge flag from an opposing coach.

These are essentially big plays that could be overturned and would be worth getting some quick, prepared play off effectively. Its purpose is expedience above all else. Not only did Shanahan acknowledge that he has those plays in his arsenal, but he revealed the calls of those two aptly-named plays: NASCAR and Daytona.

“We go NASCAR or Daytona,” Shanahan said. “NASCAR is double-right 18 structure and Daytona is double-right three-jet double-go drag… It’s a code word you just start yelling. It’s named NASCAR and Daytona for obvious reasons. We need to hurry and go fast. It’s always on the quick count. We don’t care about the result, get this snapped as fast as possible so we can beat the replay.”

To listen to Shanahan’s full interview, click below. To hear his answer on the challenge play, start at 9:43.