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Mike Shanahan breaks down his football discussions with Jimmy Garoppolo

For the first time since Mike Shanahan was fired from Denver Broncos in 2008, he returned to a Broncos practice. Shanahan credited John Elway, who “invited me back a number of times,” for his return to practice, and discussed his work with Jimmy Garoppolo as he recovered following ACL surgery last season.

Shanahan said the injury early on to Garoppolo, and any quarterback early in the season, means that quarterback is no longer the focus; it’s the backup-turned-starting quarterback who has to work on the game plan with the coaching staff. Shanahan said he just talked football with Garoppolo

“What a lot of people don’t understand when a quarterback gets hurt in that second, third game and then you have surgery, and then you have your coach coaching the quarterbacks getting ready for the game, I had a chance to sit down with Jimmy and just talk about defenses for a couple weeks,” Shanahan said. “Talk about terminology of defenses; blitz schemes, zone schemes, then go through the daily installation, where he could just sit back and relax and we could just talk football being part of that terminology system and obviously knowing the installation schedule, I got a chance with him I think to relax and have some fun and at the same time, get to study some football together.”

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