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49ers’ rookie punter lays big hit on Broncos returner

It’s only taken 49ers rookie punter Mitch Wishnowsky two games to make an impression. And it wasn’t with his leg.

The fourth-round pick laid an impressive hit in the 49ers preseason game vs. the Broncos on Monday night in front of a nationally televised audience. Wishnowsky raced down the field after launching a kickoff deep in the end zone to Broncos return man Devontae Jackson, and pancaked the rookie with an impressive hit at the 22 yard line.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the Australian-born Wishnowsky, grew up playing contact heavy Australian rules football, a sport he was forced to give up at 18 years old after multiple injuries to his shoulder. In addition to starting at punter, it looks like Wishnowsky might also be one of the 49ers best tacklers on special teams this season.


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