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Jimmy Garoppolo addresses poor return to action, Shanahan provides postgame injury recap

Jimmy Garoppolo’s return to an NFL field in a game setting was less than satisfying for everyone on the 49ers’ sideline, Garoppolo most of all. Eleven months after suffering an ACL tear, Garoppolo faced live action against the Denver Broncos and went 1-for-6 with 1 INT, 1 near-INT, 2 tipped passes, and zero yards passing.

After the game, which, despite that start from Garoppolo, finished as a 24-15 win for the 49ers, Garoppolo discussed his performance, and the process of needing to “knock the rust off” which Monday’s game served to provide.

“It’s something that I haven’t done in a year, obviously, so I need to knock the rust off.

“Obviously a little frustrated, but it’s the NFL,” Garoppolo said. “Unfortunately we don’t get to play the whole game right now. You only get so many plays. You wish you could be out there for more so you could bounce back, but it is what it is. It’s the preseason right now, so just have to take in stride.”

Garoppolo threw one interception in which he was hit from behind. It was initially unclear whether he was targeting Marquise Goodwin, who ran a short hitch route (a decoy route) and was stationary for more than a second before the corner covering him made a play on the ball. Garoppolo was actually looking for running back Matt Breida, running a go route from out wide, but his throw trailed Breida and was too far for Goodwin to make a play on, resulting in the interception, as head coach Kyle Shanahan clarified afterwards.

As for the near interception (which should have gone the other way) Garoppolo had, that was just a poor play on his part.

“Bad decision,” Garoppolo said. “Can’t make that one. The corner was sitting on it and he made a nice jump on the ball.”

While Joe Staley was beaten badly on the interception and Garoppolo looked to be pressured, he took no umbrage towards his offensive line.

“Those guys did a pretty good job up front,” Garoppolo said. “For the most part, it was a clean pocket. I think I only got hit like once, so for the most part, it was pretty good up front. I just personally have to be better… I really didn’t get hit very much.”

Shanahan said the entire experience was disappointing for everyone involved and told Garoppolo he wished he could have allowed him to stay in.

“‘I’m sorry I couldn’t let you stay in there longer,'” Shanahan said he told Garoppolo. “It’s frustrating, but you don’t go and sit there and freak out over two tipped passes. When he’s getting hit throwing a go route to the back out of the backfield that was a pick. I didn’t like the third down that he threw (the near interception). No. 41 just squatted on a route and jumped the heck out of it; tried to come back and double move him later, but he was in a cloud coverage. It was frustrating for all of us because we wanted to do something, but we knew we were on limited time with it being the preseason, so we’ll have to get him out and wait a few more days ’till the next game. Luckily we have three games in 10 days, so he’ll get out there again.”

To watch the full 49ers press conference, click below (skip to 8:43 for Shanahan and 19:38 for Garoppolo):

Injury report

The 49ers took a few knocks against the Broncos, with Shawn Poindexter, who left on an injury cart with a knee injury, still being evaluated and the only player injured without a status update.

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