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Schulman on Bay Bridge Trophy: Players in the clubhouse were making fun of it

© Ed Szczepanski | 2019 Aug 24

The Giants concluded the second half of the Bay Bridge series against the Athletics this past weekend, taking both games in Oakland and bringing the ‘Bridge Trophy’ back to San Francisco. Although it may be nice for Giants fans to have bragging rights over A’s fans for the next year, with the success San Francisco has had over the past decade, it’s hard to envision too many players on the team taking much pride in the trophy.

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle joined the Papa & Lund show Monday afternoon and confirmed that notion.

“You know what as far as the Chronicle is concerned that trophy doesn’t exist.” Schulman said. “It was created by a TV network for ratings purposes. And I will tell you right off the bat players inside the clubhouse were making fun of the trophy, they were making fun of the fact that there is a trophy. I’m here to be the grinch to tell you that nobody takes that trophy seriously.”

Among other things, Schulman addressed the future of Pablo Sandoval, who the club announced will have Tommy John surgery sometime in September.

“I still think there is a possibility they can keep him. Because the Red Sox are on the hook for next year, $20 million with a $5 million buy out. I could see the team sign him to a two-year contract. Basically you don’t pay him anything next year while he’s rehabbing – you oversee his rehab and then in return he gets a small salary for two years later, and make good contract perhaps…But he’s proven he’s a valuable guy on the bench, he’s a valuable guy in the clubhouse. It wouldn’t shock me if they did something like that.”

Schulman said Sandoval, who is most likely out for the year, really wants to play one more game for manager Bruce Bochy. He talked to the Giants third baseman about it but was unsure if he will be able to go as his elbow is still really bothering him.

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Schulman on the Bridge trophy, start from 1:45.


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