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Affeldt has talked to Lincecum and gave KNBR the odds that he’ll be at the park on Sunday



Bruce Bochy’s final game on Sunday will be a memorable one no matter who shows up. You know what would make it even more memorable though? If Tim Lincecum made his return to Oracle Park.

There has been buzz for a few weeks that Lincecum will indeed be there on Sunday to honor his former manager, yet no one has been able to confirm. Jeremy Affeldt, who was Lincecum’s teammate for seven seasons and three World Series titles, spoke to Timmy recently and believes there is about a 70 percent chance he makes the trip.

“All I know is I’ve reached out to him, and we’ve had a good conversation and I’m hoping he’s there,” Affeldt told Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks on Friday. “I don’t know if he will be but it seemed like a positive scenario. I hope we see him man because I miss that guy and it’d be good to catch up with him. It would be awesome if he showed up. I’m gonna give him 70-30 (percent chance he shows up) on that.

“I am giving myself an out though, on the 30 (percent), but I feel pretty confident about this one.”

Lincecum has been a recluse since finishing his career in 2016 after a brief cameo with the Angels, and hasn’t been seen in San Francisco since he left the Giants in 2015.

His return on Sunday would be the perfect way to send off one of the greatest managers of all time.

Listen to Jeremy’s interview below. To hear him on Lincecum, skip to the end.