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Steve Young responds to Brent Jones’ comments on Booger McFarland: It’s super hard for linemen to talk about quarterbacks



© Mark J. Rebilas | 2019 Jan 5

Former 49ers tight end Brent Jones joined Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks on Tuesday night and took a flamethrower to Monday Night Football analyst and former defensive lineman Booger McFarland, over his critical comments about Jimmy Garoppolo. Here’s a snippet:

“I really am frustrated with Snot Nose, or Loogie, or Booger or whatever the guy’s name is,” Jones said. “I try not to throw people under the bus most of the time, but you’re a very, very average defensive lineman your whole career.

“If I could pick anybody on a team that knows less about what’s truly going on offensively and defensively, it would be a defensive lineman. Rush the passer, stay in your lane, play your gaps, tackle the guy. That’s it. You don’t care what coverage, you don’t care what linebackers are going…you don’t know pass patterns, you don’t know what running backs are doing, you don’t know anything.”

On Wednesday evening, Jones’ former teammate Steve Young hopped on TKB for his weekly hit, and was informed of Brent’s comments about his MNF colleague. Young used the incident as an opportunity to explain the difficulty for analysts who played certain positions to discuss the game as a whole.

“You need to talk about quarterbacks, and it’s super hard for defensive linemen, linemen in general, or wide receivers,” Young said. “I was telling Jerry (Rice), ‘Jerry you were closer to the Gatorade than you were to the main action on the field. You knew what you did and you were the best that ever played, but for you to describe what is happening at the line of scrimmage,’ they just don’t have that experience.

“We used to laugh. We’d be memorizing 500 plays, offensive playbook, formations, and adjustments to blitz…we always used to joke, ‘what is the defensive lineman doing right now?’ It’s like they put a picture of the quarterback up and they throw darts at it. That’s an overstatement and we’re making fun of it. That’s the problem. From my perspective it feels like they put their hand in the ground and run.

“There’s a disrespect that we are probably showing that we should be careful of because everybody has their own kind of truth.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Young on Jones-McFarland, start from 19:50.