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George Kittle explains hilarious sideline bit with Joe Staley

For as impressive as the 49ers’ 20-7 win was over the Rams last Sunday, the most entertaining video to come from the game was from the sideline. George Kittle and Joe Staley put on Canadian accents and did a seemingly impromptu bit that ended up talking about Jimmy Garoppolo’s chin line and the way he “slings” the ball around.

Kittle explained the bit, which was either at the end of the first half or start of the second half—he wasn’t sure—on Thursday, and said it was completely unrehearsed.

“I don’t know what that was, we were just having a good time,” Kittle said. “I wasn’t mic’d up. I saw a microphone. So I got I got Staley to start talking through a Canadian accent there and he went with it.”

There’s no real backstory to the accent, Kittle said, but he admitted it’s something he’s been doing in his junior year of college.

“I was just trying to enjoy myself as much as I could,” Kittle said. “I’ve been doing it since like my junior year in college. People catch on.”

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