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KD gives his answer for who’s better: Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook?

© Cary Edmondson | 2018 Feb 24

Kevin Durant hopped on former teammate Serge Ibaka’s hilariously-bizarre web series, “How Hungry Are You?”, and it made for one of the most interesting and revealing interviews of Durant you’ll ever see.

Ibaka began by grilling up a snake for he and KD to eat, with the rationalization being that “snake don’t eat snake.” Then he grilled Durant on a number of topics, including one that is sure to fire up a number of NBA fan bases.

“Who is a better player: Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook?” Ibaka asked Durant.

“Stephen Curry,” Durant responded after a long, contemplative pause.”‘Cuz he can shoot better.”

That’s the quip that will make the most headlines, but the most entertaining portion of the interview happened later on in the same segment when Durant revealed that the last celebrity he tried to hook up with, and was turned down from, was R&B singer Keri Hilson, whom Ibaka dated for two years after KD asked her out.

All we know is Ibaka is going to be a fantastic TV personality whenever he decides to hang ’em up.


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