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Referee stops Draymond Green from checking in after taking too long to undress

We’ve all been there.

Everyone’s ready to go. You think you just need a minute to get your things together and hit the road. “One second!” you frantically call to your family.

Too late. Everyone is in the car on the way to grandma’s house and you’re stuck at home.

Admittedly, that analogy broke down near the end but you get the picture. It was the end of the third quarter during a surprisingly competitive game between the Warriors and Rockets. Star forward Draymond Green tried to check into the game. He ran to the scorers table and started to unravel the wraps on both of his knees.

Tiiick tick tick tick tiiiiiick.

Eleven seconds later Green had gotten his wraps off and started to run onto the court with a sweatshirt still on.

Too late. Referee Tony Brown says no.

Green went back to the bench and the game resumed without him on court. Better luck next time Draymond.


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