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Aubrey Huff tweets ‘joke’ about kidnapping, enslaving Iranian women



Is this rock bottom?

On the heels of a November tweet where he said he’s teaching his sons how to use guns in the event that Bernie Sanders gets elected, former Giants outfielder Aubrey Huff fired off another doozy on Tuesday.

In response to a tweet that read: “We should invade Iran and take their bitches. Persian girls are hot af without the headgear and you know they know how to act right Makes you think” Huff responded with a “joke” about flying over to Iran to kidnap “about 10 each,” and “bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things….”

The tweet received 1.7 thousand comments at the time of this writing despite receiving just 56 retweets. A few prominent media members responded negatively including Keith Olberman, which led to Huff to attempt to clarify his comments.

“Does nobody have a sense of humor anymore!?,” Huff wrote. “The way Iranian women are treated over there I simply wanted 2 say I’d go there 2 rescue them & bring them back 2 the states. And they would be so thankful 2 escape that hell that they’d fan me & feed me grapes. Never said rape!”

Huff’s dismount was a bizarre stick figure drawing of his fantasy, in which he refers to Iran as a “shit hole.”

This is far from the first time Huff has been involved in a controversy sparked by his tweets. In addition to the aforementioned gun range tweet, in 2017 he made comments praising President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries, and was critical of the protests that followed. He later deleted and apologized for the tweets, although stood by his political beliefs.

Later that year, Huff posted multiple tweets about how he no longer believes in evolution after looking into “real evidence.”