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Evan Longoria does not sound happy with Astros ‘cheaters’

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Among the madness that captivated baseball Thursday — Carlos Beltran’s niece with scoops? Sure! Scott Brosius’ son an intrepid reporter? Yep! — was a mad Evan Longoria.

In the days after one of the darker days in MLB history, the league announcing the damning findings of the Astros’ high-tech sign-stealing system that has cost three managers their jobs, baseball fans and perhaps baseball players’ distant families have sprung into conspiratorial mode: How else did Houston cheat?

Screenshots were aplenty that appeared to show slight indents in some Astros’ jerseys, as if there were a wire or Band-Aid or device underneath, the belief being that Houston players were buzzed just before the pitch to alert which pitch was coming. (It’s no more outrageous than banging to signal a curveball.)

Did they do this? Who knows. MLB said it investigated whether the Astros had use electric devices like this, but could not find evidence to confirm it. Enter Longoria, who retweeted the following, perhaps the evidence he needed.

Jose Altuve has been at the center of the suspicions because of that home run, in which he clearly did not want his jersey ripped off:

And then the third baseman’s frustration:

It’s a shame the Giants and Astros don’t play this season.


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