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The classic story John Lynch told Nick Bosa to make him never lay on field again

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

John Lynch saw Nick Bosa fall, saw him sprawled for far too long. And saw him rise, fired up like a resurrected WWE character.

Sure, there was relief in Lynch following the divisional-round victory over Minnesota. But also a desire to instruct Bosa he should never that do that.

A story came to mind.

“I was worried. I told him he needs to have a talk from John Lynch Sr.,” Lynch Jr. said on “Tolbert Krueger & Brooks” on KNBR on Thursday. “because when I was about 10 years old, some farmboys down outside of San Diego put it on me. And I got the wind knocked out. My dad’s a big man — he’s like 6’5, 300-plus — he came out on the field, asked the referees all to back up.

“And he told me, he said, ‘Johnny, you just got the wind knocked out of you.’ He lifted the belt and he said, ‘Now if you ever lay down on a field again, it’s going to hurt a lot worse when you get home.’ I never laid on a field again.”

It’s likely Bosa won’t either, although the concern-to-thrill swing was tremendous.

“I’d be in the NFL and wanting to stay down and think of that,” said Lynch, this week voted the Pro Football Writers of America executive of the year. “Oh gosh, better get my ass up. ”


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