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49ers’ opponents revealed for 2020 season

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It will be another two months before the NFL releases its official schedule, but the 49ers know who they’ll be playing and where. Most of these games, of course, had already been planned, with the six NFC West Divisional games, plus the eight against the East Division teams they were slated to play from both the AFC and NFC. That left two games undecided, and they’re set up to be rematches of the two defining games of the 49ers’ 2019 season, in the same locations.


First, the NFC West games:

Seattle Seahawks (x2)

Los Angeles Rams (x2)

Arizona Cardinals (x2)


The NFC East games:

Philadelphia Eagles – Home

Washington Redskins – Home

Dallas Cowboys – Away

New York Giants – Away


The AFC East games:

Buffalo Bills – Home

Miami Dolphins – Home

New York Jets – Away

New England Patriots – Away


The two rematches:

Green Bay Packers – Home

New Orleans Saints – Away


Those matchups with the Packers and Saints are the 49ers’ reward for being the No. 1 team in the NFC last season, which requires them to play the top two division winners, and which will both take place as the same site as last season. The 49ers’ schedule sees them avoid a trip back to the site of their Super Bowl loss in Miami, but instead sees three away games in the Northeast corridor against the Jets, Giants and Patriots.

They’ll also return to the South for the Saints matchup and the old Cowboys rivalry in Dallas, with the remaining road games all coming in-division.


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