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Buster Posey staying out of Giants’ Aubrey Huff decision

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — In the battle that’s beginning to wage between his team and former teammate, Buster Posey will not take a side.

After the Giants said they would not invite Aubrey Huff to the 10-year reunion for the 2010 World Series championship — and Huff responded by ripping the team for its opposition to his “locker room humor” on Twitter — Posey did not want to say much about the team’s title-winning first baseman.

“It’s tough. We all definitely accomplished something together,” Posey said Tuesday from Scottsdale Stadium. “The simple answer for me is, you guys know how I pretty much stay out of anything that’s not involved with baseball here on the field. That’s pretty much the way I’m going to leave it at and defer to the people that make the decisions.”

The people that make the decisions reached out to Huff to let him know he would not be part of the Aug. 16 celebration at Oracle Park. Huff, who has alleged his support of President Trump is in part behind the stiff-arm, has written tweets that suggested kidnapping and enslaving Iranian women, teaching his sons to shoot guns in case Bernie Sanders wins the presidency and shredded the team’s hiring of Alyssa Nakken, the first female MLB coach ever.

Asked if he were consulted about the decision, Posey said, “We kind of talked” but “it was their call.”

Huff was the home-run leader of the first of three World Series teams in five years.

“It’s been so long,” Posey said about what kind of teammate he remembers Huff being. “… It’s hard to say. Things change, people change over the course of 10 years. When Aubrey was here, [he] kept it pretty loose, enjoyed playing the game. He was definitely prone to being a jokester at times.”

Posey, who said he has no plans to reach out to Huff, said he has seen the tweets in question, but didn’t comment further.


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