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Warriors towel guy narrowly escapes Juan Toscano-Anderson

The Warriors 30-point loss to the Rockets on Thursday was entertaining for two entirely non-basketball reasons.

The first was related to chippyness at the end of the game that led to Russell Westbrook being issued his league-leading 13th technical foul, and an ejection late in the fourth quarter.

The second came thanks to one of the Warriors towel guys, who found himself in a precarious position when Juan Toscano-Anderson got a quick steal as he was wiping down the court. It’s every towel persons nightmare to look up and see a large NBA basketball player barreling towards them, and that fear was written all over this staffer’s face.

Luckily disaster was averted, and the towel guy narrowly avoided both Toscano-Anderson and Rockets wing Jeff Green, running towards the sideline as Toscano-Anderson threw down a dunk.

The towel guy was seen sitting on the sidelines in the aftermath, laughing nervously as he contemplated what has to have been the most frightening moment of his court-wiping career.


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