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Murph: Jimmy G is great, but Tom Brady as 49ers QB is damn enticing too

© Kyle Terada | 2016 Nov 20

Just to be clear: I’m a Jimmy G *guy*.

I am not looking to run Jimmy Garoppolo out of town. I want him back as the quarterback of the 49ers in 2020, 2021, 2022 — hell, let’s make it an even decade of Jimmy the Jawline at Levi’s Stadium.

That said . . .

(You knew this was coming)

That said . . .

It’s not the craziest thing in the world for John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to take Tom Brady’s phone call.

First off, it’s Tom Brady. If your caller ID says ‘TOM BRADY’, you take that call based on principle alone. Who hits ‘Decline’ on a phone call from Tom Brady?

I mean, other than every Raiders fan on Earth.

I am here to confess that, as the great Ralph Barbieri used to say, “two opposite things can be equally true.”

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo is a dynamite QB. He’s young. He’s popular with his teammates. He’s a leader. He went 13-3 in his first full season as a starter. He was minutes away from a Super Bowl championship. He’s the guy you want at 49ers QB. If you don’t believe me, you didn’t see me sitting at my laptop with a cold beer and watching this and smiling:

HOWEVER … (you knew this was coming)

  1. The idea of Tom Brady as the possible 49ers QB for 2020 and 2021 is sort of amazing, and cannot be discounted as quickly as you’d like.

So sue me!

I know, I know. You can go through advanced metrics and traditional metrics and prove to me that Garoppolo had a better year. I know, I know, Garoppolo is 28 and Brady is 42. I know, I know that dumping Jimmy G for Brady is not the prudent long-term move.

But damn, does it have some sexy elements to it.

Tom Brady, the Candlestick kid, coming home. Tom Brady, the Montana-worshipper, in red and gold. Tom Brady, the ultimate winner, here to take his boyhood team back to a Super Bowl championship.

True, Brady’s 2020 season was statistically down in almost every category — completion percentage, yards per attempt, QB rating. It was one of the worst years of his career, by the numbers. Then again, if I challenged you to name a receiver outside of Julian Edelman in New England blue and silver, could you? I’ll wait.

Now, imagine Brady throwing to Deebo Samuel.

Now, imagine Brady throwing to George Kittle.

Now, imagine the ice water in Brady’s veins in a road game at Seattle. And in January. And in the red zone. And with Kyle Shanahan drawing up plays.

It’s damn enticing, isn’t it?

I told you. Two opposite things can be equally true.

There are so many quality arguments against Brady as a 49er: What would you do after 2022? How would an immobile Brady handle the many rollouts that Shanahan’s playbook calls for? Why give up the tantalizing potential of a decade’s worth of playoff possibilities with Jimmy G at QB? Why disrupt team chemistry when you have George Kittle posting on Instagram a photo of him and Jimmy G, with the caption, “Let’s run it back, 10”?

Then again, you could answer those things: You worry about 2022 in 2022. You draft a QB, or groom Nick Mullens. You adjust the playbook for Brady. As for team chemistry — what team wouldn’t want to see Tom Brady walking thru that door, cleft chin and Super Bowl rings lighting up the room?

All I’m saying in this harmless little Jock Blog is, it’s a win-win.

If Jimmy G stays, great. I’m all in. Go team go!

And if Tom Brady somehow becomes the 49ers QB in 2020?

As a former 49er great once said (what’s up, T.O.?):

Get ya popcorn ready.


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