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Here’s a video of Kendrick Bourne throwing down an alley-oop in a high school basketball game

There’s not a lot going on in the sports world right now, so apropos of nothing, let’s watch a video of a young Kendrick Bourne slamming home an alley-oop during a high school basketball game.

The game in question took place during 2013 when Bourne was a senior at Milwaukie High School in Oregon vs. Marist. Perhaps as good as the dunk is the interview of Bourne, who looks and sounds exactly like the good-natured, gregarious 49ers wide receiver he is today.

“It was just in the moment,” a smiling Bourne says. “I was ready for a dunk man I was trying to get the crowd more hyped. And when it came it was that moment. I stepped up and wanted to get one down so I did. I didn’t even think that was coming so it was pretty good.”

We could all use a little more Kendrick Bourne in our lives right now.


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